World Class Retail Management Training

The skill and motivation levels of retail regional managers, district managers and store managers can dramatically impact the performance of a retail chain. Belding Skills Training & Development understands the dynamics of managing in a retail environment, and knows what it takes to be successful. Belding offers a number of programs on retail managing, coaching, motivation and setting performance standards in a retail environment. For field managers (supervisors, district managers, regional managers, etc.) Belding has powerful two-day and three-day Field Manager Training Camps that drive home key retail business and management skills.

Every retail management training seminar and workshop is specifically customized to the needs of your company.

To find out more about these and other programs for your retail organization, call us at 1-800-576-6860 (toll free) or 1-613-836-3559; or email us at

Winning At Work!

You have an employee who just doesn't like to contribute. When it comes time for the role-playing in a training session, he (she) steadfastly refuses to participate. When you organize team events, he rarely takes part. In meetings and group discussions you will often find him...

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I wish I could take the credit for all of the strategies I share in Winning at Work and in my books. But the truth is, I learn far more from the people around me than I could ever teach. Several years ago, when I was...


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